My 5 Top Tips For Getting Ideas For Blog Posts

Making money onlineFrom what I read on internet marketing and making money online forums bloggers often have a hard time coming up with ideas for blog posts.

Ever since my last blog post I have been thinking about what I should write for my next blog post. I was hoping to maybe get some inspiration from something that I saw or read or from someone I met over the weekend. In the end my idea for this blog post came not from any of those things but from just wondering what to write.

Here are 5 ways I use for coming up with ideas for my blog posts.

1) Tell your story

This is what I am doing on this blog now. I am writing posts about what I am doing on my journey to making money on the internet.  I share information that I am learning while going through a coaching course and from ones that I have taken in the past.

This method of blogging is taught on several coaching courses I know of. People like to read  personal stories. They get inspired by other people’s stories. I know I do.

2)  Spy on other blogs.

You can get ideas for posts from other blogs. Now, I am not saying that you should copy what other bloggers are posting but it can spark an idea for a post. I often do this for my detox blog posts. I might get an idea and create a post about the same topic but from a different angle.

You can find other blogs in your niche on,, or Google blog search

3) Newspapers, magazines, books, online news, people you meet.

You can get ideas for blog posts from what’s in the news, a book you are reading, magazines. television programmes and even people you meet.

For my detox blog I often get ideas for blog posts from media reports about a diet that a celebrity has just done to lose weight or some research on fruit and vegetables. I know that’s not much good if you are in the internet marketing niche but it’s just one example.

Here’s another. I was reading the Metro free newspaper when I was on the train to London last week. I read an article about fears that as more and more children were using computers in schools that handwriting was suffering. But, on the other hand the article pointed out that children who write blogs enjoy writing more and have a more positive attitude towards writing.  I am sure that could be turned into a great blog post.

You can set up a Google Alert for your keywords to stay on top of the latest articles or blog posts that appear online in your niche and get more inspiration for blog posts.

4). Reviews

Write a review of a product,  plugin, membership site, software or video course you have bought recently. You could even make a short video about the product to put on your blog.

People often search for reviews on products before they even consider buying something. If the product you are reviewing has an affiliate programme you can use your link in the post.

Better still you can add a bonus as a way of enticing your reader to buy through your link instead of someone else’s.

5) Personal posts

From time to time you could make a post about something you did or somewhere you went that was interesting. It does not have to be related to the subject of your blog but maybe you could tie it in somehow.

It is a way of giving your readers a glimpse into the real you, of creating a stronger connection with them.

I remember a guy on one mentoring course I did that started off his blog by telling us all about the trouble he was having with his girlfriend over the time he was spending on his internet business. He actually wrote very well in an amusing style and consequently attracted a huge audience and a lot of comments.

You have to make a judgement about how much of your personal life you are going to reveal. When I was on the 100 Blog Challenge I found some blogs a complete turn off simply because of the personal stuff they wrote about when their blogs were about internet marketing.

There are many more methods to use for getting ideas for blog posts but those are my 5 top tips. It’s a good plan to always keep a notebook handy so that you can jot any ideas down that you have as It’s easy to forget them.

Do you have any specific ways for coming up with ideas for blog posts? Please leave a comment to share them with other readers.

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11 thoughts on “My 5 Top Tips For Getting Ideas For Blog Posts”

  1. Hello Sandy!
    Thank you so much for all good tips you’ve given me! Just loved them! I will “copy” some of those ideas to my blog.

    Keep up the good work and good luck with your business!!

    Cheerio from


  2. Hey Sandy,

    Really cool tips, I use Google Alerts for my own name, that way I can see how much have I been branding myself.

    As for more tips, there’s another one from Google which is called “Trends” and another one from Alexa, which is called “What’s Hot”.

    Those are usually killer places for people who want to get amazing new trendy stuff.

    Maybe you already knew about these but a reader may find these to be new!

    Hope you have an amazing day and keep sharing the good stuff! 😉


    1. Hi Sergio, yes, it’s a good idea to see what people are saying about you. I do it myself.
      Some people call it “Digital Distinction”. I rather like that term.
      Thanks for your great tips for my readers.

  3. Hi Sandy! All of these are great for blog ideas. Rather than spy on other blogs, I like to be a little more outgoing and if the article is good enough, I link to it. This actually encourages good will between bloggers and I have found myself with a new reader that becomes a regular and they get link juice to their site. Win-Win. 🙂

    1. Hi Nile, great tip. Thanks for sharing it. Even when you are competing in the same market it pays to encourage good will.


  4. Great tips! Some time the lack of creativity is really depressing and annoying. Especially when you are not in a mood:( I always try doing personal posts – when you describe your life there is no way to fail your blogpost:)

  5. Thanks for the wonderful tips, Sandy. I must say, I find it difficult to write something
    new everytime. Some great tips from Sergio as well.
    Thanks guys!

  6. Sometimes, I find it very difficult to come up with new ideas. But then I just read one fairytale to my daughter and I somehow twist it, linked it with some of my experience and I create a new post. It sounds a bit strange but it helps!

  7. People love to live vicariously through other people, especially online, so writing about your experiences online is a sure fire winner. I see more and more of these types of blogs where they reveal how much they are making and how they are making it. They are pretty compelling but I do wonder how much is too much. I wouldn’t be comfortable revealing income earnings but maybe I need to get over that.

    1. Hi Greg,

      You make a good point about revealing income. I guess it depends on the purpose. I have been on coaching courses where the coach reveals his earnings to back up the fact that he knows what he is talking about and that it’s not just theory. You certainly have more confidence in someone like that.

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