Essential Components Of An Effective Online Marketing Strategy

In this digital world, effective and comprehensive strategies of online marketing can help every business owner to increase its potential customers. While evaluating the strategy, you must focus on the six components mentioned below to fuel up your business growth and take your business to the next successive level.

Website Design:

Your website is the face of your company, so your website must be professional, simple and easy to navigate. While designing the website, you must focus on following:

  • Include call to action buttons on most of the pages so that the readers can think about what your organization can do for them.
  • Optimize your sites on all the web browsers, including smart phones and mobiles as these devices are growing at fast pace and most of the people are browsing internet on these devices.
  • Inserting the keywords in your content in a natural way.


Companies having a blog receive 55% more visitors to their sites as compared to the companies not having a blog. Therefore, you must create your blog which is integrated to your website. This blog must give the relevant information to the readers. While creating a blog, you must ensure the following:

  • Your blog must provide easiness to the readers to subscribe via email and RSS.
  • Your blog must be easy to share via social media.
  • It must be created in such a way that the customers or readers can easily interact with you by commenting on your posts.

Social Media presence:

Use of social networking sites is increasing day by day. Almost each person makes use of social networking sites now days. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ etc are some of the most popular social networking sites. These social media sites are not only beneficial for personal use, but are also beneficial for businesses in the following ways:

  •  It allows interaction with the people who are interested in you and hence provide you a great opportunity to create a community.
  •   It allows you to reach N number of people at very low cost because of its viral nature.

Search Engine Optimization:

Many people make use of search engines when they need to buy anything. In order to be found, you have to use search engine optimization techniques to bring your website or blog to the higher position in search engines. You must follow the below mentioned steps in your marketing strategy:

  • Optimize each page of your website for search engines
  • Research for those keywords which most of the people search for in your niche
  • Make use of these keywords on your site and in promotion activities on social media
  • Try to include long-tail keywords of your niche.


It is important to measure the results and trends of your website, blogs, search engine ranking as it plays a very crucial role in Internet Marketing. The metrics which you should measure are as follows:

  • Website: visitors on your site, average time on the site, bounce rate, pages per visit, leads and conversion etc.
  • Blog: visitors, conversions, comments, inbound links, rank.
  • Social Media: number of likes, connections, followers.


Online Marketing Strategy must be effective to achieve success in business. Therefore, you must include all the above mentioned components to make your site effective.

Author Bio:
Kristine is an author who is interested in writting on SEO/ Internet marketing related topics. She is currently working with SEO Rank Smart, who offers best SEO Packages to its clients. You can see her work on her company site.

5 thoughts on “Essential Components Of An Effective Online Marketing Strategy”

  1. Great tips you have indicated to run an internet business. The consecutive six steps Website Design, Blog, Social Media presence, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics and Summary can benefit anyone to inaugurate his business..Thank you for sharing this informative tutorial..!

  2. Hey Sandy, thanks for the informative share. After reading your post i analyse my site and find out some issues to resolve, I am sure after fixing these problem i will generate lot of money out of it.

  3. Hi Sandy,
    I’ve just started my business on Internet and luckily i found your blog.
    Thanks for all of your recommendations and information about running business on Internet.
    That’s really useful for me!

    Stephan Wu

  4. I can only agree. The concept of marketing today has changed dramatically with the advent of computers and the internet. Have been practicing some of your guidelines on online marketing strats but don’t we need to know the profile of those who get into our website? Is there a simple technique or method?

  5. Rightly said as I have experienced significant growth of traffic on my business website only by regularly updating my blog. Thanks for share and good luck

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