Tips To Organize & Use All That PLR Content

If you have been working on the Internet  you may have downloaded some PLR content, also known as private label rights content.

This can be a very effective tool to help you get  some ideas for good content for your  sites without having to write all the content yourself or having to pay a ghostwriter to create content for you.

But do you know how to  tweak, re-write, and publish your PLR in 7 minutes or less?

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Creating My Lead Magnet

Module 4 of Marc Milburn’s coaching course is all about building a list of subscribers. The first modules were about setting up our blogs which serve as half of our business hubs. Our subscriber lists will form the other half.

A lead magnet is something free that you offer as an incentive for people to subscribe to your email list. You have probably already downloaded a ton of free reports that you got this way and are now sitting on your hard drive. I know I have.

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Making Money Online With PLR?

Making money onlineI religiously avoided PLR material for a long time because I had heard that it was usually rubbish and not fit for making money online in any way.   But then I read a few ebooks about using  PLR to make money and it completely opened my eyes to the possibilities.

Now I use it a lot to get ideas for articles, for blog posts, to write emails, and for free reports.  You will note that I say to get ideas.  I always rewrite PLR articles usually taking 3 or 4 articles and creating 1 good article or blog post with them.

Today I want to share Nicole Dean’s remarks about the misconceptions about using PLR for your making money online business.

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How To Make a Screen Capture Video For Free

Have you even wondered how to make a free short screen capture video?

I have just discovered a really neat Firefox tool that lets you do this easily. Capture Fox is great for making your own tutorials, courses or lessons. You can capture your screen to make whatever you want.  It will even record your voice and you get an AVI (movie) file

It’s not as sophisticated as Camtasia or even Jing but if you’re just looking for something to quickly capture a video of your screen with a voiceover,  it will do the job.

You can download a free video on how to create a screen capture video using Firefox at the link below. It comes with PLR rights as well so you can even use it to make money online.

Download Firefox Screen Capture Addon Video

You can get the addon here:

Hope you will find it useful.