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  1. Hi sandy,

    Your post raised a lot of points, first enjoy your holiday I’ve lived in Marbella in spain for 7 years now and spain is superb. (it’s also an internet marketing hot spot ..loads of full time IM’ers live here)

    Articles: I have of 100 blogs so I get through a lot of content , having tried every source of content I believe that the best source is individual writers who specialise in writing quality content, you do pay a bit more but it’s always right first time and the quality is excellent.

    I now use an Iphone to do my videos and it works great , I found that I needed an external lavallier microphone though as the sound quality is poor from anything further than a few feet. The alternative is to get a voice recorder (used to be called dictaphones when i was a lad) and use one of them then synch the sound before releasing the video.

    1. Hi Mark

      We would like to spend more time in Spain. That is the plan and we will do it one day soon. We are unfortunately in an area where the internet connectionis not great.

      It’s good to hear that you find an iPhone good for videos. I hope the Samsung will be good enough. Dictaphone, that’s a word I have not heard of for a long time!


  2. I am a content customer of TheContentAuthority for quite a few months now. The quality of the rewrites I get are great and consistent.

    1. Good to hear that you are also a happy customer Oliver and that mine were not a fluke.


  3. Article rewriting is a great idea. But it’s also important to make sure that the article doesn’t look like a slightly modified copy of the original article to search engines. I think search engines are getting quite smarter. If CA also offers something or shows by how much percentage was a particular article was renewed, it would be great.

    I have used several article spinning sites. When I rewrite an article and submit it for posting to other sites (via that article spinning service), it actually shows me the originality of the article in percentage. For example, for a title rewritten, it shows that it was original by 600% or 800% or 1200%.

    Thanks for the share, Sandy.

    1. You raise some very good points Obaidul. Content Authority say that their rewrites are 60-85% different when compared to the original. I am happy with that.


  4. I’ve never rewritten an article or paid someone else to rewrite and article for me. I haven’t paid for any blog service yet, although I have been toying with the idea of article services and seo services. Thanks for the info.

    1. I guess it depends on how much time you have Neal. It pays to work out where your talents lay and get others to do the tedious stuff.


  5. Can’t even remember who I tried now but I once paid around $12 a piece for 2 articles from the same site. One was dreadful (grammatical, spelling errors), the other was pretty solid. Didn’t use them again though because I felt that I was losing my own style of writing. May give somebody else a try one day.

  6. It seems that you are very much busy. Well, anyway some writers nowadays are used to rewrite their articles because they have no time to write again which is not good.

    1. You are right Ashleen. I could really do with a PA if I could justify the cost. I am seriously considering it as they can pay for them selves in the long run.


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