How I Increased My Website Traffic With Non Stop Pinterest

Making money onlineWhen I first heard about Pinterest I could not see what all the fuss was about. Pinning pictures! Who’s got time for that? I had enough to do just trying to get traffic to my sites.

Then, I started hearing that Pinterest was the latest and greatest way to get traffic to affiliate products. I downloaded a few free ebooks and reports about marketing with Pinterest but I had more than enough projects on the go to even think about it.

Later I heard that Pinterest was clamping down on all these marketers who were spamming the site with their affiliate links but it was still good for getting traffic to your own sites.

I read in one of the books that you could get people on fiverr to create an account for you with ready made boards & pin. That sounded good to me and in the middle of last year I booked a fiverr gig that promised to create an account and pin at least 300 images related to my niche. All for just $5.00!

The seller got it all set up for me using a fictitious name. It looked great but because I had all these other projects on the go that took up mu time I never did anything with it.

Can you believe that it took me until the end of last year to actually get started with it? And that was all due to Non StoPinterest 2.0.

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