Can I stand the pace?

Well, this is my second blog post this week! My coach Marc Milburn’s say’s to post two or three times a week. There is no way I can manage 3 times a week so twice it will have to be.

When I first started this blog I only ever posted once a week. I simply did not have enough time to keep my Detox blog and my Natural Remedies Blog going and post on this blog more than once a week.

I did sometimes post twice a week but I used other people’s newsletters or articles that they let me have provided I included a link to their site.

I got to wondering how much the frequency of blog posting matters so did a bit of research on it. It seems that there is no easy answer.

According to Seth Godin, whose blog is probably the most popular in the world that is written by an individual, you run the risk of losing your loyal readers if you post too often. I guess you can have too much of a good thing!

But, what is too often?

It seems that two well known bloggers have been successful with different posting frequencies. Timothy Ferriss, author of the best selling book, The 4-Hour Workweek, only posts every 4 – 6 days. ( sounds good to me!)

Gary Vaynerchuck, inspirational keynote speaker at Blog World Expo 2008, maintains that you need to be posting content every day. Gary also said that “content is king but marketing is queen and the queen runs the household”.

Some bloggers argue that it is better to take the time to write a post that gives your readers really good content several times a week than keep up a daily schedule of perhaps lesser quality posts. When you are not writing you can spend the time promoting your blog.

Darren Rowse, founder and editor of Problogger,  polled his readers to see how many post they made in one particular month. 2586 readers responded and the majority of them ( 28%) posted 1 – 10 times. 17% posted 11 – 20 times and 14% posted 21 – 30 times in the month. 10% posted 81 times or more! Can you imagine that?

It also depends on what type of blog you have and what you are trying to achieve. New blog posts help with search engine optimization. The more posts you have indexed the more chance there is of people finding you.

Matt Cutts, who is an SEO expert who works for Google, gives his advice in this video.

So what do you think? What frequency of blog posting works best for you and why? Leave your comments below.

3 thoughts on “Can I stand the pace?”

  1. I run several tech blogs and want to say that Posting frequence really matters here.if you are on a niche of Make money online then you post 2 times a week or once a week but in case of tech blogs you need to maintain the Frequency.

    1. Hi Sourya,

      I guess you have tested it then and found that works best for your tech sites. You are right of course about MMO niche blogs. The more often the better if it’s high quality. Once or twice a week seem to be the norm. How do you stand the pace?


      1. Yes i have tested them well and Posting frequency really helped me getting a Boost in My Site traffic.Now i am having series of tech blogs and am happy with my method.

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