Write Great Blog Comments Or Get Trashed!

making money onlineThis has been bugging me for a while now so I am going to get it off my chest.  I have said it before and I am saying it again. If you are going to take the time to comment on my blog posts then make great blog comments if you don’t want to get trashed.

Think that’s a bit harsh?

Well, what use are wishy washy comments like “great article, keep up the good work” or “think that is the best article that I have read” or “Thanks for sharing this very interesting post. Keep it up always”?

I don’t see these sorts of blog comments as any form of flattery. They just scream that you have not even read the post.

When I see comments like that I just think they are a very lazy way to try to get a dofollow backlink because I use the CommentLuv Premuim  plugin.  (Or, maybe you outsource your comments and don’t check to see what sort of comments your outsourcer makes.)

In the days before blog commenting became a way to get a dofollow backlink the whole point of making a comment was to join in the discussion and add something that other readers might find useful.

I am not alone in trashing lame comments either. I have come across many other blog owners who say exactly the same thing. You only have to do a quick search if you want to check.

Any mentor or blogging course will tell you that leaving good blog comments is an excellent way to be recognised as an expert in your field as well as get traffic to your blog.

So, here are a few tips for making great blog comments.

1. Read the Blog before Commenting

We are all short of time but it’s important to read the post before you decide to leave a useful comment. It’s tempting to just skim read it if you are in a hurry but some of the comments I have had showed that the person commenting had not read the entire post.

It may be hard in the beginning to add anything useful to posts in the IM niche if your have only just started out trying to make money online.

One way is to find other blogs that get a lot of comments and read them. Not only will you learn how  to comment on blogs  but you may learn something useful that you could leave as your comment on another blog. Another ploy is to ask a question or bring up a point that has not been covered in the post.

2. Keep Your Comment Short

Don’t write a long boring paragraph. People will not read your comment if you do. Stick to the main point you want to make. Write several short paragraphs so people are drawn to your comment.

Leaving relevant and interesting comments is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your site and connect with other bloggers in your niche especially if you are linking back to your own blog.

3. One Point per Comment

Some people make the mistake of writing long comments that have several points in them. A comment should be useful but short and sweet. No need to write a blog article.  If you have several points to make why not do it in separate comments? Your comments will be more likely read if you keep them short and easy to read.

4. Check for Errors

Before posting your comment make certain you check your spelling and proof read your comment. Writing a sloppy comment will not reflect positively on you. This is especially important if you want to be recognized as an expert in your field.

5. Respect the Writer and Audience

Remember that people of all kinds will be reading the blog and the comments. Don’t write anything that can be too controversial. Controversy makes for good discussion when done in a professional manner.

Remember that it’s ok to ‘attack’ the ideas, but not the people presenting the ideas. Downright rude comments will not be tolerated!

So now you know. If you wonder why some of your comments don’t appear on my blog take a moment to consider what you wrote.

If you can’t take the time to make a great blog comment I’ll think that you are just leaving a comment to improve your site ranking and I will trash it.

Now why don’t you go ahead and leave your great blog comment!

23 thoughts on “Write Great Blog Comments Or Get Trashed!”

  1. Your website has really inspired me to change the way I run my site. Just saying thanks for your hard work.

    1. Hi Candice,

      When I saw your comment I was in two minds whether to trash it or not. It really made me wonder if you read the post. On this occasion I am giving you the benefit of the doubt but
      it came pretty close. Glad you have found some inspiration.
      Good luck

  2. You are absolutely true Sandy. I think this article it should appear everywhere before someone prepare to post in any blog. It was happen with me many times, to get comments and to don’t realize if is spam or real. People are getting to crazy about using software’s for blog posting, and that’s affect our personal websites.
    Anyway is good because google change his algorithm very often, in this way maybe will get rid of these tips and triks.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hey Candles,

      At least you have the option to trash spam comments and those made just to get a backlink with no consideration for the author of the blog post.


  3. I had to laugh when I read tip #1 “read the blog before commenting” who would’ve thought? On my blog, even when I feel they have read it, if the comment just doesn’t fit, I won’t publish it.

  4. Yeah ,I am totally agree with your opinion. If somebody comment on others blog post,then it should be not spam the comment. means comments should be to the point and understandable…thanks for posting such a nice post…

    1. We all like to get comments on out blogs so it’s sometimes tempting to approve comments that really do not add anything to the conversation but on the other hand it does not encourage readers to return if all they see are comments like “Nice post, keep up the good work!”

  5. @sandy, i don’t agree with your third point, the real problem with your third point sometimes readers can’t express themselves in limited words. i know it’s your blog post but sometimes they want to open their heart out and that’s really great. and it also show how people are getting connected with you and your work. so let them be.

    1. I take your point James but I think it depends on what sort of niche you are in. Some blogs lend themselves to readers opening their hearts out but I don’t think IM blogs do. It is boring for other readers to read long winded comments and most simply don’t have the time.
      Thanks for your input.

  6. I’m going to respect your post and keep this comment short, but I have to disagree with your point, that you keep your comment short. Short comments, even those who have read the article, risk being the wishy washy kind of comments you suggest we avoid. This is even shown in the first comment by Candice.

    I totally agree with your comment to respect the writer and audience. Not all authors approve comments that disagree with them, even if they are respectful. So I am glad you are not one of those and appreciate constructive comments which may challenge you.

    I could go on, but I promised to keep it short. 🙂

    1. Norm, I have just found your comment in my spam folder which I check from time to time so I have rescued it!

      I think we have different ideas of short. A long comment is fine with me if it is helpful to other readers but I have seen some comments on other blogs that drone on and on. People simply do not have the time to read them.


  7. I used to not check for typographical errors when commenting largely due to commenting in huge volume. I realized though that proof-reading and ensuring that the comment doesn’t have any grammatical error is important, just as how we proof-read posts/articles before they go live on our site.

    1. You are right Kris. While we all make errors from time it does not give a good impression if the comment is full of typos or poor spelling and grammar. I have been put off promoting products simply because of glaring spelling mistakes on the sales page or the affiliate page. It always pays to check first.


  8. Agreed, You won’t believe, I receive thousands of comments on my blog everyday. Thanks to Akismet, It blocks most of them. For some of them i have to go and check manually before publishing comments. I also don’t accept the comments like you have mentioned. Its just for getting backlink. Come on people, If you really want to have a backlink, atleast work hard. Nothing is that easy, it never will be.

    1. Hi Maria,

      I check my spam folder too from time to time and have to rescue some that are not spam at all. It must be very frustrating for commenters to have their well thought out comments go into spam when they are not. It’s worth checking it from time to time.


  9. I have the same opinion as you on this subject. I constantly get spammy comments like “thanks great post” etc and i just end up trashing everything and it just waste my time in doing so. I write blog posts in the hope that someone will find it useful.Its the same with blog comments, someone will find my comment useful or I add something relevant to the conversation.

  10. I’m not sure how emails end up in SPAM folders as I’ve had a few enquiries end up in the spam and nearly lost a client

    1. Hi Richard, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it but in your case it certainly paid off to check it.

  11. Thanks Mrs. sandy.

    We are certainly pleased with the comments that came from our site, let alone provide a quality comment and help Articles that we have written.

    Best Regards

  12. Hi Sandy

    Your post should be made obligatory reading before anyone even starts a blog! Do you know I was blogging for ages before I really understood about commenting?

    I had a couple of blogs that were attracting several posts of the nature of “Awesome post – I’ll be back”, and although I thought they were just stupid, it wasn’t until YOU introduced me to CommentLuv that I had any clue about commenting. Thanks 🙂

    I’m tempted to suggest we should reply to the stupid comments telling people about CommentLuv – but it would possibly just be a waste of time.

    Anyway – glad you educated me! Hope this hasn’t been too long 🙂


    1. Hi Joy,

      Not too long at all. I have written twice about making useless comments on blogs. In the beginning before you start getting good comments it can be tempting to approve comments like “Great article keep up the good work”.
      Sometimes I feel like giving them benefit of the doubt and approving them but emailing them with some advice about blog commenting. I did that to one of my readers who left such a comment on this very post and she said she had read it!
      I began to trash her comments as she persisted with them. Have to be ruthless sometimes!

      Glad you found the CommentLuv plugin useful. I have heard that some marketers have decided to uninstall it because of the fear of losing link juice. There is a lot of controversy over it but Randy Pickard’s study came to the conclusion it doesn’t.


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