Internet Marketing Workshop – Cracking the Code

I went to another great workshop that Nick James ran in London yesterday. The main theme was Back to Basics and Nick kicked off with 12 strategies for generating low-cost, meaningful, targeted traffic to your website.

These were:

  • Press Releases
  • Sell on eBay
  • Sell on Amazon
  • Sell on Google product Search
  • Start a blog
  • Blog commenting
  • Article writing
  • Upload a Video
  • eBooks into Audio Books
  • eBooks into Kindle and eReader
  • Links from Relevant sites
  • Promote your own affiliate program

Kindle Reader

I have had the idea of turning my detox eBooks into Kindle or eReader format in the back of my mind for a while but have not done anything about it yet. It wasn’t high on my to do list. But after listening to what Nick had to say about eBook readers and how they are likely to be big this Christmas it is going to the top of my list right away.

Submitting an eBook that contains links to your website to Kindle is a way of generating traffic but there is the possibility of simply selling eBooks without having to have a website or generate your own traffic.

If have any Private Label Rights eBooks, this method involves only about 10 minutes worth of work! You just fill out a form… Upload the eBook… And you could be making money online.

Writing a Simple Sales Message

This was followed by a mile a minute talk about copywriting from expert copywriter Nick Wrathall. His first piece of advice was to always write using simple words and simple sentences. He suggested getting the Sun newspaper to see how their journalists write!

Sales Page Bonuses

A good point he made was about the bonuses that are offered on a sales page. They should be valuable enough to be sold on their own. It seems that American internet marketers tend to offer far more bonuses on their sales pages the British ones do.

I have read some sales pages where the sheer number of bonuses were completely overwhelming. The thought of downloading them, never mind finding the time to read them all, just puts me off. Of course you don’t have to download them at all.

Nick advised 1 -3 bonuses for lower priced items and 4 – 6 for higher priced items.

List Building Vs Lead Generation

making money onlineIn the afternoon session Nick James talked about list building versus lead generation. With list building people can generally get on your list by just giving you their names and email addresses. To become a lead, a person has to do something to qualify to be on your list.

With a background in  Direct Mail Nick is still keen on building his list by offering a physical product like a free DVD but he makes a charge for postage and packing. This way he gets more details about the person.  They are put through a process that qualifies them as someone who is interested in buying your product.

Income Secrets

Update: You can get Nick’s rand new multimedia Income Secrets download right now at this link:  Income Secrets

To wind up Richard Hodgkins and his wife Pippa gave a talk about niche research. Richard apparently sees ideas for niche products  everywhere.  The event was overrunning and I was not able to stay to the end to find out more so I will have to wait for the DVD’s of the event to see what I missed.

5 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Workshop – Cracking the Code”

  1. Hello Sandy,

    I have enjoyed looking around your blog a bit and found some great tips! I hadn’t thought about uploading e-books even PLR products to Kindle. I will look into this idea some more.

    I also enjoyed your post dealing with AdSwaps. I have been at times busy doing adswaps and now seem to be into the Giveaways. I will investigate going back to AdSwaps once again. Thanks for the tips.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Alice, thanks for the visit. Glad you picked up a few tips.

      Contributing to a giveaway is a good way to start building a list but once you have about 300 or more on your list you can usually find some adswap partners.

      Good luck with your business.


  2. Actually I also want to join some workshop about internet marketing and SEO and I really need to get ideas on how t use the advantage of internet marketing in promoting business.

  3. Thanks for sharing your awesome post! I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts and truly you give the readers the ability to read on your post! Just keep it up always!

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