I’ve Just Discovered The Quick Start Challenge!

Make money onlineDon’t ask me now how I ended up watching the video promoting Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge but I arrived there somehow.

I know internet marketers say that videos work better than text sales pages but I actually hate them. I have not got the patience or time to watch some long winded video especially after you have been told to watch this “short” video!

I often click away in the hopes that I will get taken to the text version which sometimes happens. But, I noticed that Dean’s video actually stated the length of it underneath which was just over 6 minutes so I thought I would grin and bear it.

Well, it was certainly effective because I got hooked!

Yes, I signed up for The Quick Start Challenge. Yes, I know, yet another coaching course! If you have been reading my blog you will know that I am a bit of a coaching course junkie. Been there, done it but haven’t quite got the T shirt yet.

You might have noticed that I started this blog some time ago and have fallen by the wayside several times. I was posting quite regularly and building a list at one time  with my free report but not getting very far with it. I am in another niche as well and post regularly to that blog and send out a newsletter each week to my subscribers.

I started to create another squeeze page funnel but was not happy enough with it to test it with solo ads.  Quite frankly the information in the free report and book was out of date by the time I got it all together. Then, earlier this year I found that I had a lot of (too many) projects on the go at one time that were not getting finished so something had to go. This blog was the one that suffered.

I felt that I needed some mentoring again to get me back on track and Dean’s course looked to be just the thing I needed. I know he has a good reputation so I signed up.

I thought this was something new but once I got inside the member area I discovered that it was originally launched as a WSO in June. Where was I?

The course is just 4 modules but aims to get you started making money online as fast as possible. Each one consists of a number of short videos. One of the videos in the first module goes into the importance of changing what you have been doing if you have not had the success you want.

Dean gives a pep talk about knowing why you want to make money online and taking appropriate action with his guidance.

The other videos are about time management, the state of the internet now and how to establish yourself online.

The challenge for Week 1 is to set up a blog, if you don’t already have one, get your About Page done, write a blog post that mentions the sentence “Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge” and submit it to him to get be rewarded with a cool prize.

So far so good. I will let you know what my prize is and what week 2 consists of soon. Watch this space!

6 thoughts on “I’ve Just Discovered The Quick Start Challenge!”

  1. I look forward to your up dates you post and the video looking interesting, Once I have my business fully running I will look at setting up another blog to making extra money from so this could be useful!

  2. I really appreciate your hard work.The articles post by u on this web sites is really looking nice and this site is google friendly site. Thanks for good article.

  3. Hey Sandy,

    Really great that you’ve decided to take Dean Holland’s training and I know you’ll love it for sure!

    Dean is one of the most successful students from Alex Jeffreys and the guy is simply a productivity beast!

    What I like about Dean is that he is really straight forward and genuinely willing to help every single one of his students.

    When I took the QSC training, there were several bonuses to those that decided to go through the training so I highly recommend you follow what he says to the letter.

    All the best on this 2013 Sandy and I look forward to see you get back on track, take care and speak soon! 😉


  4. Hi Sandy,

    When it comes to coaching guides I’m a bit skeptical. I tried a few of them in the past just to end up very disappointed. Also, I ‘m a bit stressed on time, so some of
    the courses which demanda full day work, are not relevant for me.
    I’ve taken the time and when to watch Dean’s video. For me it seems interesting, and worth a try. I’ll buy it and try it out ( and will comment / contact you to let you know my option). Thanks Sandy!

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