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Module 3 of Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge is about email list building.

Once you get your blog set up and start to get visitors with the free traffic methods that Dean recommends in Module two ( How to get traffic to your blog) you need a way of capitalizing on that traffic. Dean calls it Push Button Income and Automation. If only!

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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog – QSC

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Module 2 of Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge is about how to get traffic to your blog.  You can read about Module 1 here: I’ve Just Discovered The Quick Start Challenge!

In the first video Dean starts off by talking about getting people to know, like and trust you. He says to do that you have to establish a working relationship with them by getting them to your blog to read your posts.

Well, that is one way I guess, but not the only way. I know marketers who don’t blog or at least don’t blog regularly and still manage to get people to like know and trust them. I think a lot of people have turned to  social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to do that now. ( more on this later)

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Make money onlineDon’t ask me now how I ended up watching the video promoting Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge but I arrived there somehow.

I know internet marketers say that videos work better than text sales pages but I actually hate them. I have not got the patience or time to watch some long winded video especially after you have been told to watch this “short” video!

I often click away in the hopes that I will get taken to the text version which sometimes happens. But, I noticed that Dean’s video actually stated the length of it underneath which was just over 6 minutes so I thought I would grin and bear it.

Well, it was certainly effective because I got hooked!

Yes, I signed up for The Quick Start Challenge. Yes, I know, yet another coaching course! If you have been reading my blog you will know that I am a bit of a coaching course junkie. Been there, done it but haven’t quite got the T shirt yet.

You might have noticed that I started this blog some time ago and have fallen by the wayside several times. I was posting quite regularly and building a list at one time  with my free report but not getting very far with it. I am in another niche as well and post regularly to that blog and send out a newsletter each week to my subscribers.

I started to create another squeeze page funnel but was not happy enough with it to test it with solo ads.  Quite frankly the information in the free report and book was out of date by the time I got it all together. Then, earlier this year I found that I had a lot of (too many) projects on the go at one time that were not getting finished so something had to go. This blog was the one that suffered.

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I’ve Published An eBook On Kindle!

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I haven’t been posting regularly to my blog recently. My excuse is that I have had (and still have) so many ” making money online from home” things going on that writing blog posts has had to take a back seat for a while.

I have been trying to get my new squeeze funnel together, getting new sales copy for my detox ebook, getting a Kindle book created, working on my Green Organics business and organizing a party for my big ?O birthday. (No, I am not telling you which one., a woman has to have some secrets!)

I know that’s far too many things to be doing at one time but for various reasons too boring to go into here,  that’s the way it worked out. One project that I have at last finished is to publish an ebook on Kindle. It’s called
How To Thin Legs: Get Thinner Thighs And Slim Calves Fast

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It’s been a while since I posted anything but I have been busy getting my new squeeze page funnel together.

It’s still not quite ready but I am getting there slowly and surely. It seems to be taking forever and I will be glad when it’s done. Right now I have a couple of problems getting the pages to look right in all browsers.

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Just before I went on holiday I was introduced to recently launched Green Organics International by an internet marketing colleague.  So, while I was away I was able to sudy this new business opportunity  in more detail.

It spiked my interest straight away because of my passion for health, not to mention making money on the internet, combined with the online marketing system, low joining fee and low monthly autoship.

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If you have been working on the Internet  you may have downloaded some PLR content, also known as private label rights content.

This can be a very effective tool to help you get  some ideas for good content for your  sites without having to write all the content yourself or having to pay a ghostwriter to create content for you.

But do you know how to  tweak, re-write, and publish your PLR in 7 minutes or less?

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Although my Google Adsense income doubled almost as soon I changed the theme of my Detox Blog to the Heat Map WordPress Theme last July I have recently decided to remove most of them.

Now, I know that this might sound like the actions of a mad woman but let me explain  what triggered it and why I believe  it was the right thing to do.

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I first heard of ezArticleLink through an internet marketer I know. He suggested that I submit some articles to the site to build some backlinks to an article on my detox blog to help me get on page 1 of Google.

My traffic had dropped towards the end of last year and I wanted to get it back. I am sure you know that one of the best ways to get onto the first page of Google is to get a lot of good one way backlinks.

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I promised a while ago that I would report back on the result of my solo ad. I got my new squeeze funnel all set up so I decided just before Christmas that it was time to really test it out.

Generating free traffic to a squeeze page to build your list is all well and good but it takes time.

If you want a lot of traffic and hopefully subscribers ( if you have a compelling offer)  almost instantly then solo ads are the way to go.

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