How to Get Email Subscribers with Viral Reports

Make money on the webThere’s been a flurry of listbuilding courses released recently but I don’t think I have seen any mention of using viral reports as a way to get new email subscribers.

In my last post I wrote about some strategies for content marketing and creating a free report from your content was one of them but you can take it one step further and make it go viral and get more email subscribers.

What is a viral report?

A viral report is  a free report that spreads across your niche like a virus because it contains such good information that your readers want to share it with others.

Have you ever downloaded a free report that doesn’t  have a website link inside? I have and I can’t imagine why any marketer would want to miss a trick like this.

Even if the report does not go viral he’s missed a vital oportunity to entice the reader to his or her website or affiliate site.

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My Solo Ad – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I promised a while ago that I would report back on the result of my solo ad. I got my new squeeze funnel all set up so I decided just before Christmas that it was time to really test it out.

Generating free traffic to a squeeze page to build your list is all well and good but it takes time.

If you want a lot of traffic and hopefully subscribers ( if you have a compelling offer)  almost instantly then solo ads are the way to go.

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Checking Out My Squeeze Page Funnel For Success

This morning I thought I would check through my free report and squeeze page funnel just to make sure it is up to date and in working order before I buy a solo ad to really test it out.

I have lost count of the number of times I have been through a squeeze page funnel only to find that some of the ads I clicked on the download page did not go anywhere. Often the links in the free report do not work either. This creates a bad impression.

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Creating My Free Training Page

One tip I learned from Marc about another way of getting subscribers to opt-in to my list was to create a “Free Training” page on my blog. The idea is to use it as another way to get people to my squeeze page for my free report lead magnet.

To do this I had to create a new page by going into Pages in my WordPress dashboard and creating a page with the title Free Training. This should have added another tab to the navigation bar at the top of my blog but it didn’t!

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Announcing “Traffic Deluge” – My New Free Report!

making money onlineAt long last I have written my own free report to help with my list building. Up until now I have been promoting other people’s stuff to get sign ups but I had always intended to write my own.

The problem has always been what topic to choose. There are so many niches related to making money online but after thinking long and hard about it and doing a bit of lurking in the forums I decided that getting traffic is one of the main problems that many internet marketers face.

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