Get More Traffic To Your Blog With SEO Super Comments Plugin

If you want to get more traffic to your blog you might want to take a look at SEO Super Comments plugin for WordPress. I have just installed it on this blog after seeing it listed on a blog post that Adrienne Smith wrote.

I must admit, although I studied quite a few reports for the best plugins to install when I first set this blog up and try to keep up to date with the latest plugins I had never come across this one before.

SEO Super Comments is a free plugin that can help you get more search engine traffic to your blog so I thought it was worth giving it a try.

How does it work?

I can’t pretend to understand all the technical stuff but it depends on getting comments on your blog. ( more about this below).

When a reader leaves a comment the plugin creates a new dynamic page on your blog that holds that comment information. This gives a big boost to your blog’s SEO.

It apparently has the effect of increasing the visibility of your blog in the search engines. When these dynamic pages are created you comments are able to be crawled and indexed by the search engines so you could end up getting more traffic to your blog for the context of the comment.

You can read much more about it here: SEO Super Comments Plugin

Getting Comments

For SEO Super Comments to be effective you obviously have to be getting comments. You need traffic before you can get any comments so how do you get traffic and comments in the first place?

One of the best ways is to go blog hopping and comment on other blogs  Search for popular blogs in your niche that get a lot of comments and leave a helpful comment that adds something of value to the post.

Have you taken note of that phrase ” adds something of value”? I have already given my warnings about the  sort of lame comments that some people leave that I and a lot of other blogggers refuse to publish.

Comments like ” thanks for the great post,  keep up the great work”  won’t make the grade. It does not  not add anything of value to the post nor is it interesting.

You are wasting out time if you leave a comment like that on this blog and many other blogs that are moderated. I simply don’t publish comments like that.

It also pays if you can be the first or among the first few to comment so other visitors to the blog may see your comment and be interested enough to click on your name and pay a visit your blog.

Often when you leave a good and useful comment the blog owner will visit your blog and leave a comment. It’s a sort of recipricol thing.

CommentLuv Premum Plugin

One of the best ways I’ve found of getting these recipricol comments is through the use of the CommentLuv Premium plugin. ( I thought I had written a post about this plugin but it seems I haven’t. I will have to rectify this and write one soon!)

Commentluv plugin users are a sort of community who tend to seek out the other users. If I search out other blogs that use it and leave a good comment the blogger will often come to my blog and leave a comment. It seems to me that using the SEO Super Comments Plugin will help to give the effort a big boost

Have you heard of this plugin? If you are using it let me know if you have noticed an increase in your blog traffic in the comments.

20 responses to “Get More Traffic To Your Blog With SEO Super Comments Plugin”

  1. Well one good turn deserves another. I am now testing this plugin on my site. I was wondering how it work with Commentluv, but it seems to work well for you, so I have installed it to check it out! 😉 I may have to revise my list of plugins that i recommended in my article. That’s the way it goes when you find a good addition, right?

    • Hey Shannon,

      I will be interested to see if you add it to your list after you have tested it out.


  2. Hi Sandy,

    I had to laugh while reading your post. Those “great post” comments drive me crazy! Like you, I do not publish them. It’s obvious those people are leaving those weak comments in order to drop their links. They might as well stop because their comments are not getting published.

    Adrienne Smith has a great blog, doesn’t she? I’ve learned so much from her. I have not heard of the SEO Super Comments plugin. Sounds like something I need to install on my blog. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Sandy, that is a great idea. I know you didn’t make the plugin, but thanks for sharing it.
    I wonder if the search engines might penalize a site for two many of those dynamic comment pages?

  4. Hi Sandy,

    Great article here about comment enhancements for blogs. I’m a huge fan of CommentLuv Premium, personally. I’ve found that since I have started using it, more people are willing to engage me with better quality comments than before. I also really love the additional products built into CommentLuv. It’s nice to have spambot protection, plus the social enticements.

    Nice job on this review and very nice blog you have!

    Best regards,
    Cat Alexandra

    • Yes you are right Cat. I have found the same about comments. It’s surprising how many bloggers are using CommentLuv Premium now. It is a brilliant idea of Andy’s.

      Glad you like my blog. Thanks for taking the time to visit.


  5. Hi Sandy,

    I installed this when I saw Adrienne’s post, as well. I am not sure if it is working or not. I have received a few new commentators but I think they were just cause they saw me on other people’s blogs.

    It’s like a big circus when you blog hop, people read your com luv link and then pop on over, you back to theirs and before you know it, all your usually friends are over there and it’s like one big happy

    I am curious though to see how it works a couple months from now.


  6. have not heard of this plugin earlier will try to check its working with commentluv plugin and see the response.

  7. I use within one of my blogs the CommentLuv pligin, I highly like it due to the fact that it gets bloggers to actually comment worthy things, and yes, get something in return for doing it. (back-link).

    • Hi Vale,

      It’s amazing isn’t it what a difference it makes? When you comment on the right blogs you can get a lot of comments as well as the backlinks. It all helps with traffic and SEO for your blog.


    • Hi Tony,

      Yes, I used to use it with the free CommentLuv plugin but with the Premium version you don’t need it as the keyword facility is one of the extra benefits that is included. I am just writing a post about CommentLuv Premium.


  8. Hey Sandy,

    Well I have heard about SEO Super Comments before but I have never tried it.

    I think I may give it a go since 35K downloads can’t be all wrong, that’s a pretty big number right there.

    Going to check it out and then give you my feedback on it.

    About CommentLuv+, I already have that and I can’t recommend that enough.

    For anyone that has a blog or website and is serious about social media, building business partnerships and enticing readers to comment.

    It is by far THE best plugin I have ever seen for this matter and you’re right Sandy, you should make a review about it! (Actually I think I should too! lol)

    Take care and have a great weekend! 😉


  9. Hello Sandy, I am happy to know about this. I will probably have some try and have it on site. Anyway, this is really great thanks!

  10. Hi Sandy,

    I really do not understand the concept of dynamic pages so I did a little digging on google to learn more. According to the author of SEO Super Comments, every time someone leaves a comment a new dynamic page is created. So, if I understand this correctly, if you get 200 comments a day on your blog, you will have 200 dynamic pages added to your blog, or is it one page with 200 comments? Any way it sounds like a super plugin, but I think I will wait for some more reviews before I install it.


  11. That sounds like a very interesting plugin, I may have to go and check it out. Your right that Premium CommentLuv is a great plugin that everyone serious about blogging should have.

  12. Although I haven’t used the Seo plugins mentioned, I think you are correct when you say add so etching of value. If you can answer people’s problems or help them out, toucan count on them visiting your blog. Commenting on related blogs is the perfect way to achieve this. I have many niche sites that I build back links to using only this method. I find blogs related to my niche buy getting a list of do follow blogs from and manually build the back links myself.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for the tip. Do Follow Donkey is not a site I have come across before. I will give it a try.


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