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I’ve been getting some questions about blogging for business from my subscribers .  It’s a long time since I posted one of Alison Rothwell’s  wonderful articles and as this one answers the questions  so eloquently I thought it was time to post another.

The Six Biggest Blogging Myths

Myths arise from lack of information and in the case of blogging, often from inexperience. Some of the common myths related to blogging in general and business blogging in particular are:

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Although my Google Adsense income doubled almost as soon I changed the theme of my Detox Blog to the Heat Map WordPress Theme last July I have recently decided to remove most of them.

Now, I know that this might sound like the actions of a mad woman but let me explain  what triggered it and why I believe  it was the right thing to do.

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I realized when I mentioned the CommentLuv Plugin in my last post that I had not written a post about it even though I had meant to.  So, as I am often being asked by subscribers how to get free traffic here’s my long overdue post about how to get free traffic to your blog with CommentLuv Premium.

There are two versions of this WordPress Plugin. CommentLuv Lite which is the free version and CommentLuv Premium the paid for version which has a whole host of added features.

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If you want to get more traffic to your blog you might want to take a look at SEO Super Comments plugin for WordPress. I have just installed it on this blog after seeing it listed on a blog post that Adrienne Smith wrote.

I must admit, although I studied quite a few reports for the best plugins to install when I first set this blog up and try to keep up to date with the latest plugins I had never come across this one before.

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Making Money Online with Exit Splash

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I have been using Exit Splash on one of my sales pages for about a year now and I have added it to several others recently so thought it was about time I wrote about it. Exit Splash provides a way of grabbing the traffic that is about to leave your site and is another great tool to help you make money online.

I am sure you have seen these message boxes that frequently appear when you go to leave a site that urge you to stay on the page for something special like a discount, free report or another enticing offer.

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I just wanted to write a quick post to wish you  a very Happy New Year.

making money on the internet

I hope yours gets off to a better start than mine. I had planned to make a funny video to put on my blog for today. I got the idea from Sergio, a fellow coaching student, who told me he made it on JibJab.

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making money onlineI have seen the Seven Link Challenge mentioned on blogs but I didn’t stay long enough to read what it was all about. Somehow I thought it was similar to the 100 blog challenge which I did last year and I couldn’t face doing that again right now.

But after reading more about it on Sergio Felix’s blog and leaving a comment he nominated me to join in the Challenge. See what happens when I open my big mouth!

So, I expect you are wondering what it is all about.

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Wishing My Readers A Very Happy Christmas

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I hamaking money on the internetve just battled my way through 2 supermarkets and Marks & Spencer’s food section this morning trying to get what I wanted!  Why do they run out of things that you depend on getting?

I got out early to try to beat the rush but everyone else had the same idea! As usual people are piling their trolleys high with enough food to feed an army twice over.

I thought I was going to have a problem with the hand held self scan system in Waitrose again this morning. As their system crashed last week when I was going around the store with my scanner I was apparently “locked out” this morning and had to be “unlocked”.

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I noticed that when I comment on some blogs I sometimes get an email message a few days later thanking me for it. I thought this was a really nice touch so started to investigate how I could do it too. According to several internet marketers I asked, the best WordPress plugin for this is the Thank Me Later Plugin.

The plugin is completely free from the WordPress Plugin Directory and works on WordPress versions 3.1 or higher. So, I thought I would give it a go. After all, what have I got to lose? It’s another chance to keep my name out there.

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